Monday, October 14, 2019

20mm WWII Germans

Here are the 206 WWII Germans I painted for Glenn Drover.  Almost all the figures are from AB, but I think I see a few SHQ in there too.  I painted these with Vallejo acrylics rather than my usual craft paints.  Vallejo has quite a few shades of field grey, which I used to get some variety in the colors.  As these are Wehrmacht, all camouflage is either splinter or marsh.  

Light Machine-gun Teams (17 bases)

Rifle Teams (10 bases)

Panzerfaust Rifle Teams (5 bases)

Sniper Teams (2 bases)

Sustained Fire Machine-gun Teams (4 bases)

Medium Mortar Teams (4 bases)

Panzerschreck Teams (4 bases)

Assault Engineer Teams (4 bases)

Company and Battalion Command (4 bases)

Casualty Markers (12 bases)

The Americans will follow soon!  I have them primed and ready.  Once I clear some desk space by shipping these Germans, I can start painting Americans.


  1. Awesome as always. If I had it to do over, I would have done my WWII skirmish in 20mm so I could use the prolific and affordable 1/72 armor kits. Great choice, great painting.

  2. These are crazy-good!
    They are going to look amazing on the table.

  3. Great paint job and excellent casts too!