Wednesday, February 5, 2020

New Commission - 20mm Wayne's Legion and Native Confederation

I'm pretty excited to tackle this project!  Bill Hupp, the owner of Thistle and Rose Miniatures, sent a few hundred figures for me to paint.  I will readily admit to knowing very little about the American Legion of the 1790s, but I have read a couple of books on the Wabash and Fallen Timbers.

These 20mm figures were originally found in the Frying Pan and Blanket line.  They are older sculpts, but they look great!  I spent Monday and Tuesday prepping and priming the Americans.  Today I was able to finish my prototype paint job.  If Bill approves of the color scheme, I will start on the assembly line.

What do you think, blog buddies?  It's an obscure period, but I think these armies should turn out great!


  1. An obscure period of US history, for sure, but who doesn't love a tarleton? Are natives in 20mm being sculpted too?

    Nice brushwork.

  2. Look very fine to me,but the prospect of a few hundred would be off putting.

  3. Unique period and scale.....blast from the past with the Frying Pan and Blanket minis. I think I painted some of their 20mm AWI back in the day.

    1. I am pleasantly surprised by the sculpting quality. These are very nice.

      I don't know that I have any interest in the Indian Wars of the 1790s, but these figures really appeal to me.