Saturday, March 21, 2020

28mm Greek Skirmishers

I painted these figures for my Greek Commands and Colors army, but they will do for any generic ancients skirmishers. The figures came out of Foundry blister packs, but I cannot find them on Foundry's website.

I'm still plugging away on my commission, but having to homeschool my three kids during the Wuhan coronavirus lockdown is really cutting into my painting time.


  1. Home schooling AND doing great paint work. Fight the good fight Scott! Social distancing will get us all through this, hopefully healthy at the end.

  2. Your kids will have an excellent teacher. Hard times, but I count it as an opportunity to spend time with family.

  3. I like 'em, as as you say, useful for a broad range of Ancient/Classical armies.

    1. Exactly. Even eastern barbarians would have had Greek subjects in tunics.