Sunday, September 27, 2020

15mm Chassuers a Cheval

I have started a new 15mm Napoleonics commission, this time for John in Australia. I am just painting French and British armies for him, but each will be about the same size as the forces I painted for Glenn.

First off the painting bench are three regiments of Chasseurs a Cheval. AB figures were a joy to paint, of course!

1st Chasseurs a Cheval

7th Chasseurs a Cheval

12th Chasseurs a Cheval

All three regiments together!


I painted all the light cavalry horses at once, so lancers, hussars, and dragoons should show up on the blog pretty soon.


  1. Very handsome, Scott! I like the twelve figure regiments.

    1. I like them that size too. It's big enough to look right as s unit, but no so big that it gets unwieldy.

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