Tuesday, May 30, 2023

15mm French Hussars

In a rare return to my hobby, I was able to paint some figures for myself. These 120 French hussars are a mix of AB and Blue Moon, all based for Age of Eagles / General de Brigade. Bases are from Litko and flags are from GMB Designs.

1st Hussars (AB Miniatures)

2nd Hussars (AB Miniatures)

4th Hussars (Blue Moon)

5th Hussars (Blue Moon)

7th Hussars (Blue Moon)

10th Hussars (Blue Moon)


I was also able to finish up my French guard cavalry for Austerlitz. Their sealing coat is drying now, but I hope to have them photographed and on the blog soon.


  1. What? Painting for yourself? Don't let word get out or you will be backed up again with commissions...

    1. I'm still backed up with commissions. :-) Looking forward to gaming with you soon!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring your blog post showcasing the exquisite 15mm French Hussars. The level of detail and precision in these miniature figures is truly remarkable, capturing the essence and grandeur of this historical cavalry unit.

  3. Thank you for sharing your talent and passion for miniature painting. Your blog serves as a source of inspiration for fellow hobbyists and admirers of historical miniatures.