Monday, February 8, 2010

FoG Balearic Slingers

Next up is one of two skirmish infantry units in my Field of Glory Carthaginian army: Balearic slingers.

The figures are all from Crusader Miniatures' ancient Spanish slingers pack. There are four poses in the pack. Each pack contains eight figures, so although this unit is six bases in my army, I went ahead and painted all eight bases.

The Crusader figures were decent enough, which is probably all you can ask for with slingers. They're not the most visually impressive figures in the army. I decided to paint the men in plain tunics of undyed linen, with the exception of the one figure who had a sculpted collar. If I do another unit of slingers, I may vary the tunic colors and paint some designs on them.

Here are some closeups of the four poses.

By way of comparison, here are some Old Glory Balearic slingers I painted about five years ago. The sculpts are pretty ugly, but the sculptor did include some more interesting details. I prefer the Crusader slingers, but the OG figures do have a certain homely charm about them.


  1. Nice stuff!

    I finished re-basing mine a couple of weeks ago but haven't used them in anger yet (waiting for the scutarii to be finished).

    Don't know about slingers for FoG though - less range than archers, more range than javelinmen but less good in skirmish scrap. The medium option, I suppose.

  2. These are nicely done. As slingers they should look fairly poor and 'scummy'. Plain tunics look just right for that.

  3. I just can't get over how much you are able to paint on a consistant basis. Once again, great looking mini's..

  4. Josiah Martin said...

    "I just can't get over how much you are able to paint on a consistant basis. Once again, great looking mini's.."

    I think he's an alien from outer space from a race that doesn't require sleep, so he paints instead of sleeping. At least that's what I tell myself to keep sane.

  5. Two hours' painting a day, fellas. I always try to hit my two hours.

  6. I probably have time to paint 2 hours a day, I just get distracted too easily. Although I have been putting in the occasional 10 houring painting session on Saturdays when my wife works...

  7. Scott,

    Have you looked at Gripping Beast's Baleric Slinger's? I like the Crusader Punic War figures in general, but the poses for the slingers are a bit flat.

    Your paintwork, as always, is spot on.

  8. Wow! This is dejá vu. One of my earliest posts was painting the Crusader Balearic slingers for FoG. Nicely done unit.