Monday, February 22, 2010

FoG Numidian Javelinmen

I finished the second of my two foot skirmish units today. These are Numidian javelinmen.

The figures are Gripping Beast from two packs: NUM01 "Numidian Skirmishers" and LIB04 "Libyan Skirmishers." Javelins are all cut-down North Star spears.

I wasn't very happy with the looks of these figures. Their dress is suitably plain, which doesn't leave the sculptor with many interesting things to add to the figures. Some of the poses were a little odd, and many of the faces were downright ugly.

Uninspired by the figures, I put a very basic paintjob on these. I painted all the shields as simple hide-covered affairs.


  1. 4 color shields hide all molding flaws!

  2. Nice work as always. The way you shaded their faces really give them character. The look really purposeful. Dean

  3. Your javelinmen look great - fantastic shading (especially the shields).

  4. When I have figures with flat detail on the faces I tend to put a highlight on the nose and add eyebrows. That tends to give the face a more 3-d look. That said, your two-tone color scheme seems to do the same thing quite well, plus with such nice shields, who's looking at the faces. They look good.


    (posted from the laptop on vacation)

  5. Maybe I should add a highlight to those faces. With this basing, it should be easy enough to touch them up.