Sunday, June 6, 2010

ACW Commission: Union Infantry Begun

This is the largest single chunk of the commission: 176 Union infantrymen, and I'm going to tackle them all at once.

Last week I got the figures prepped and primed. This week I've painted the hair, socks, face basecoat, muskets, and other silver bits, such as bayonet frogs, canteen caps, and drinking cups.

At this point, most of the fine detail work is done. I always find these early stages to be the most tedious part of a paint job. The figures don't look like much yet, but the foundation is laid. Tomorrow I'll start painting uniforms, and the little men will start looking more like little men.


  1. This must be close to the home stretch.

  2. Truely fantastic. Your one of great insperations.


  3. what colors do you use for blonde hair (base and highlights) i'm having A LOT of trouble finding the appropriate colors. Great job ! keep up the work !


  4. I use toffee brown for the basecoat. The highlight is a mix of white and toffee brown, about 70/30.

  5. Dear Scott ,
    I am in awe of your work, your ability and your kind tutorials. Having just spent 3 days going through your blogs and other websites(I'm 61 and retired);
    I think you should write an illustrated book on painting military miniatures and terrain. I'm sure it would become a best seller,probably definitive.
    I have spent 40 years as both a wargamer and a consultant historian. I wrote two books on Napoleon, edited others and have been historical consultant on Talonsoft Battleground games, Paradox games and Creative Assembly's Rome, Barbarians, Alexander, etc. A short CV!
    Best wishes
    David Hamilton-Williams, East Grinstead, UK.

    PS I hope you will think about it!