Friday, October 29, 2010

15mm Confederate Generals

In between other projects, I spent about three hours this week painting up some generals for my rebel army. All figures are Old Glory except for the standard bearer, which is from Musket Miniatures.

I'm trying to field my ACW armies as quickly as possible, so I'm just painting them to a good wargaming standard. The only shading or highlighting I'm doing is on faces and hands.

I'm not sure that I'll ever use the band for anything, but they are cool figures and I wanted to see what they looked like painted. I only spent about an hour on them.


  1. You're too modest. They're much better than 'wargaming standard' paint jobs. Very nice. I'd rate these a 7 on the GAJO scale where 5 is a 'standard' paint job. Most of the best figures in my collection are 7s.

    FYI most of your normal 15s I'd rate 8+ with some 9s in there.

  2. is the band also castings by Old Glory?

  3. Yes, the bandsmen are all Old Glory. They came with the eastern Confederate generals pack.

  4. As always, great looking Scott... even with "no highlights" your painting style is fantastically clean and pretty.

    Love the band, too... I'm a big fan of relatively useless eyecandy!:)

    Lord Ashram

  5. Hi Scott,

    Nice looking 15's!

    BTW - I just mailed the seven or so 25mm units and casualties.