Sunday, October 10, 2010

FOG Republican Romans: Hastati

It has been a long time since I had some painted figures to show off. These hastati took two weeks to paint, but I think they are worth the wait.

With my Field of Glory Carthaginian army done, I return now to the Romans. I already have one unit of cavalry, one unit of Italian allies, and one general stand done. Now I'm starting in on the bulk of the army, Rome's heavy infantry.

The last time I painted a Roman army for the Punic Wars, I used Old Glory and based them for Warhammer Ancient Battles. The Old Glory figures are fine little sculpts, but I wanted a little better for my FoG army and went with Crusader for all the infantry. I bought Little Big Men Studios shield transfers for all the infantry, sticking with white as the primary shield color. Bases are from Litko.

I wasn't happy with the unit standards that Crusader includes with their command packs, so I've emailed Old Glory and offered to buy some of the animal totems that they included with their range. Unit those replacements arrive, my Roman standard bearers will have bare poles.


  1. Fantastic brush work. I believe it will be people such as yourself that will inspire me to continue with my Republican army. I've only just completed one small unit of velites for WAB. Renegade figures.

    Great blog and your Carthaginian units are brilliant.

  2. These are so good you'd think they were 28mm figures!

  3. Ohhh! Well they're nice even for 28s. I though all your FOG lead was 15mm. Interesting that you do both scales.

  4. Great blog, glad I found it. Very nice work. I've been doing 15mm WWII for a while now (Germany and Japan) and Napoleonics (Prussians), but I've always longed to paint Ancients.

    I was undecided where to start, but I've settled on Republican Romans. This is a great site, I always like to do a lot of research before starting, especially on the figures.

    My budget will probably steer me to Old Glory for now, although I've been looking at Corvus Belli as well.

  5. Nothing wrong with the Old Glory Romans. I painted a FoG army made up entirely of their figures. They looked great!