Tuesday, March 22, 2011

15mm AWI Armies for Sale

Update: Sold!

EDIT: Asking $1450, including shipping in the US.

As some of you know, my wife and I are remodeling an older home and plan to move in by the end of April. We're excited to be moving to a much nicer part of town, but we're also giving up 800 square feet of space. So some of my armies are going to have to go. I'll be selling off painted and unpainted figures over the next couple of months, so watch this space.

First up is my 15mm Battle of Freeman's Farm collection. I painted these back in 2004, when the British Grenadier rules first came out. I based these armies on the Freeman's Farm OOB, then added quite a few units to enable me to play other battles. With these forces you can play most of the scenarios in the British Grenadier scenario books.

This collection won "Best in Show" at my local IPMS convention. So not only are these award winning figures, they've done better than anything else I've ever entered.


The Americans have 174 close order infantry, 26 skirmishers, 2 guns with 8 crew, 9 mounted generals with a dismounted flag bearer, 4 mounted cavalry, and 10 casualty markers.

Minifigs Skirmishers

Minifigs Cavalry, Minifigs and Old Glory Generals

The cavalry are painted as Lee's Dragoons

Old Glory's Benedict Arnold with a couple of staff officers

Minifigs Riflemen and Light Infantry

Here's a close up of that shot torn flag.

Minifigs Continentals

Minifigs Artillery and Musket Miniatures Minutemen

Grasshopper Gun

Six Pounder

Old Glory Militia or Ragged Continentals

Musket Miniatures Casualties

British Army

My British army is the largest, mostly because I wanted to field correct troop types for each battle. There are 214 close order infantry, 15 skirmishers, 9 guns with 36 crew, 9 mounted generals with a dismounted flag bearer, 8 mounted cavalry, and 11 casualty markers.

Minifigs Skirmishers, Queen's Rangers on top, Butler's Loyal Americans on the bottom.

Minifigs Line Infantry

I painted accurate regimental designs on backpacks.

More Minifigs Line

Jeff Valent Line

Minifigs Scottish Infantry

Minifigs Grenadiers on top, Musket Miniatures grenadiers on bottom

Musket Miniatures Grenadiers

Backs of the Minifigs Grenadiers

Light Infantry, Jeff Valent on top, Minifigs on bottom.

Back View of Minifigs Light Infantry

Minifigs Light Dragoons

Minifigs and Old Glory Generals

Minifigs Artillery. There are three 12-pdrs, four 6-pdrs, and two 3-pdrs.

Because artillery uniforms were almost identical in all armies, these British guns can easily fill in as Hessian or American artillery.

Musket Miniatures British Casualties


The Hessians have the smallest force, but it's enough for Freeman's Farm, which means it's enough for almost any battle but Trenton. There are 90 close order infantry, 8 skirmishers, 2 guns with 8 crew, 2 mounted generals, and 7 casualty markers.

Minifigs Artillery and Jager

I always thought the jager looked cool with their purple turnbacks and facings.

Minifigs General and Jeff Valent Grenadiers

Old Glory Line Infantry

These are the three regiments at Freeman's Farm. I painted a couple extra stands to fill other OOBs.

Old Glory and Musket Miniatures Casualties

So there they all are. It's a total of 609 foot figures, 32 mounted figures, and 13 guns. If I were to sell these at my current commission rates, the set would sell for around $2700. I realize that these are not up to my current standard, though, so I don't expect them to fetch quite that much.

If you're interested in making an offer, email me at smacphee at frontier dot com. I'll wait a week or so to see what offers come in. If you know someone who might be interested, please pass the word along. I'd like to find these a good home.


  1. What beautiful figures, what a shame you've got to sell them. I just wish I could afford them, perhaps if I sell the Mrs??????..........

  2. Good to see you post. I was afraid something bad had happened to you. It's not like you to go so long without posting.

    Not sure if you want to sell these figures, but here is what I'm interested in (all 28mm):

    Punic War Romans and Allies

    Punic War Carthaginians and Allies

    Russian Napoleonic

    Austrian Napoleonic

  3. Nothing bad, Glenn, I'm just in a painting slump.

    I'll probably be keeping my ancients and Napoleonics. I game with them pretty often!

  4. Good luck on your move and the sale of your miniatures.


  5. What? You're jettisoning the whole collection?

  6. Aye beautiful collection - no money here either and even less space I'll wager ...

  7. Just a beautiful collection.

  8. Scott, I'm still interested in the Hessians.

  9. Is this AWI Army still up for sale?



  10. BPC, yes it is still for sale. You can reach me at smacphee at roadrunner dot com.

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