Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sash and Saber Iron Brigade

Ever since I broke my leg, painting has been extremely slow. I'm sorry about the lack of updates around here, but when nothing is getting done . . .

These 52 figures, for example, took me just over three weeks to paint.

The figures are very nice, and I am pleased with how the units look. I just wish I could kick it into a higher gear right now.

6th Wisconsin

19th Indiana

Now I'll be turning to some AWI British artillery.


  1. Scott:

    The unit does look great - sorry to hear about your leg and all, but your productivity is still enviable :) Regards, Dean

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  3. You are hilarious Scott! Not only are these two of the best looking units I've seen, but your 'slow' rate of completion would be the envy of any painter I've ever heard of...

    Nice work!

  4. Great looking units. And that in three weeks. Nice. Where did you get the flags BTW, they look good.
    Cheers, Michael

  5. Scott they are great I have only two more units to paint to complete my Iron Bde and those buys are an inspiration to say the least....great work

  6. You're all too kind.

    MiniMike, those are GMB flags. I think they're the best around!

  7. Fantastic! If it's any consolation I'd be very happy to complete 52 figures in 3 weeks.


  8. Thx Scott! Lucky me, I just ordered a bunch of these two days ago :-)

  9. Hey Scott,

    Your email seems to be broken...or maybe you're changing it. Could you send me your current address? I have an email for you.