Thursday, April 7, 2011

28mm AWI British Artillery

Before Austin left us for sunny Arizona, he and I worked out a trade. I would paint his Field of Glory early Franks to wargaming standard, and he would give me all his painted and unpainted 28mm American Revolution figures.

Austin painted all his infantry himself, and you'll get to see some of them soon, but he farmed out his artillery to a buddy at work. These figures aren't painted in my style. The guns are a little too neon blue for me, and the drybrush got a little sloppy on these. But they'll do. These are all Perry Miniatures figures and guns.

I spent some time during the past week painting some Old Glory British guns and crews. While the Perry figures are in the modified uniforms British gunners probably wore on campaign, the Old Glory figures are in splendid full dress, perfect for my Bunker Hill army.

I painted one battery in the full dress white breeches, and the other in the brown service breeches that the 4th battalion probably wore in North America.

The Old Glory figures painted up well, and the guns were pretty good little models. I wish Old Glory would have included more poses. There were only five poses, and one was in such poor shape that I left him out of the crews.


  1. I like the men with the brown trousers, they look very different to the normal British artillerymen.

  2. All of it looks very nice!


  3. Scott:

    Beautiful work as always. I'm surprised at how utilitarian the British uniforms are. Looks almost Napoleonic. Regards, Dean

  4. Hey Scott,

    Your paintjob on my Civil War figures were a huge hit at Little Wars! I had many people stop and comment on them throughout the day, and more than a dozen guys ask me who painted them.

    Thanks again!

  5. My Little Wars recap is now posted on Tropical Games Blog. :)