Wednesday, September 7, 2011

28mm Fife and Drum AWI British Light Infantry

Alte Fritz also sent me some samples of the redcoats, and they paint up nearly as nicely as the American militia. Because these figures are so lightly equipped, they look more slender than the Americans.

Ansell has depicted the British in campaign dress, with hats turned up on one side and simplified jackets. He has captured the look of the redcoat on campaign very well. It's not the Hollywood picture of the British soldier, but this is likely how they looked in the field.

Here are the eight poses. Once again, I have included very large pictures to allow a more detailed look at the sculpts. Any paint job is likely to look a little crude at this level of magnification. The figures are better than my paint job makes them look.

I mistakenly painted the metal canteens as though they had a cloth or leather cover. One nice thing about this entire range is that straps all belong to items of equipment.

Again, these will not be to everyone's taste, but if you appreciate realistic proportions, you'll enjoy these figures.


  1. Lovely stuff, clean painting, love the wood grain, and terrific sculpts

  2. You've definitely done them justice! Very nice painting and very nice models.

  3. Nothing wrong with the painting, Scott! Beautiful work on very nice sculpts.

  4. Really nice figures. Well painted Scott.

  5. Beautifully proportioned figured. Your shading of the breeches is great. Execution on the whole set of figures is very good. If I put these figures on my table they would make the rest of my collection look shabby!