Thursday, September 15, 2011

Old Glory 15mm Napoleonic Grenzer

I'm preparing for a General de Brigade game on Saturday. My 15mm Napoleonics are all based for Age of Eagles, which doesn't portray skirmishers (at least not by placing them on the table top). So every time I run a General de Brigade game, it seems like I have to paint some skirmish stands first.

These are Old Glory figures, pack ANL01b "Grenzers Plus Command." The figures are decent enough. I primed these yesterday, then painted and based them today.

Hopefully Saturday night I will have some pictures of our game. We'll be refighting Eckmuhl.


  1. Those are damn spiffy for a 1-day paint job. Very nice.

  2. old glory can produce some great figures - but even better with a great paint job.

    Well done



  3. Scott,

    Do you do commission work? I am interested in ACW gaming and am looking for about 100 infantry per side with a few guns and mounted command. I cannot paint 15mm anymore, I have hard enough time with 28mm. You can contact me at

    Pat L.

    Love the blog very inspirational