Monday, March 12, 2012

Libyan Spearmen

Freshly based and ready for your perusal, these nine units of Libyan spearmen are a mix of Aventine, Crusader, and other manufacturers (a little help, Glenn?). Spear are all from Northstar. Shield transfers are little big men. I had a little trouble with the transfers, as they just don't like to lie flat on the domed shields. I tried scoring the backs of the transfers and even snugging them down with some Solvaset, but these still have some creases.

One thing I don't think I have mentioned is that I am attaching all spears and shields with five minute epoxy. It can make for some unsightly joins, but these figures should never break under normal handling.

Now enjoy the pictures. These figures were a long time coming, but I think the time was well spent.

Next we will have some Aventine Etruscan spearmen and Italian hill tribe warriors.


  1. 6 units are Aventine
    2 units are Relic
    1 unit is Renegade (with 1 Aventine figure)

    The Officers are a mix of Aventine, Foundry, and A&A Miniatures

    Horn and Standard Bearers are Crusader, Relic, Aventine, and A&A

  2. Really beautiful work Scott. They look almost Greek. As an aside, I've been attaching my spears and mounted troops with Liquid Green Stuff. Seems to be working really well for me, plus it's workable with a file once dry.

  3. Scott, these are terrific!
    They will be the heart of the Punic Army.

    The shields look great. Sorry you had to struggle. The creases are hardly noticable in the pictures and should be invisible on the table form 5 feet away.

  4. Mark,
    Some of the units (especially the Relic units) have a mixture of helmets, with some greek-style in there.

    I figure that some of that these mercenary units certainly had Greek helmets, and probably more than a few actual Greeks in them.

  5. Are the men advancing with spears at 45 degrees Aventine, then? Those were my favorite figures of the bunch. The Relic also painted up very nicely.

  6. I agree. They are super cool. They are Aventine 'Advancing Phalangites in Linothorax'.

    These are the ones that I shipped after the main shipment. They were a new set that I found on the Aventine site and had to add them.

    Glad I did. They look amazing.

  7. Outstanding work. I love the mix of tunic colors. Is there a prohibition against coveting your neighbor's minis?

  8. Monty -

    Come on down to Chicago for a game sometime.

  9. Lovely work indeed, they really look the business. And that's an interesting comment from Mark about using liquid green stuff to attach spears; I might have to try that myself - thanks.

  10. Mark, where do you find the green stuff? Despite living in an urban area of 700,000, I don't have access to a hobby store. My attempts at ordering epoxy putties online has not been good.

  11. the figures look amazing great colours and the shields are perfect