Thursday, March 14, 2013

28mm 1812 Russian Militia

Glenn will have three units of militia in his army.  These figures were a lot of fun to paint.  I went with uniformed militia, since these figures are clearly wearing uniforms.

Some of the Moscow militia were armed with pikes.  I usually see these illustrated as spears, barely higher than the men's heads, but my written sources clearly say "pikes," and one described them as 12-16 feet long.

The St. Petersburg militia look rather modern in their caps and simple tunics.

Moscow Militia (Foundry)

Moscow Militia (Front Rank)

St. Petersburg Militia (Front Rank)


  1. Wonderful set, Scott! The militia could not have been long of this earth going to battle with pike. Ouch!

  2. Monty - From what I've read and seen, some units had very irregular weapons: axes, spears, and even farm implements.

  3. Very nice detail. You just need a mounted model of Pierre Konovitsyn from War and Peace.