Wednesday, March 20, 2013

28mm 1813 Russian Mounted Jager

Here are three units of mounted Jager.  I gather that the Russians converted some half dozen dragoon units to light cavalry in 1813, but they were mainly used as battle cavalry.  These are all Foundry figures.  The only sources I could find for these uniforms was Hourtoulle's 1814: The Campaign for France and Haythornthwaite's The Napoleonic Source Book.  Fortunately, the two of them provided all the details I needed.

Dorpat Mounted Jager

Livonia Mounted Jager

Sieversk Mounted Jager

That finished the cavalry component of Glenn's army: 80 horse in 20 units!  Next I will tackle the army's command.


  1. These are perfect!

    It did seem like an odd decision. My only guess is that they were cheaper to field than Hussars, and maybe the Russian high command felt that they had too much heavy cavalry.
    The cossacks were primarily used to raid the French rear areas, so perhaps they weren't as dependable as scouts and screening forces as regular army light cavalry.

  2. Very nice work! I always considered the Foundry Napoleonics more towards the 25mm size. How do these Foundry cavalry match up against the Perry's?

  3. It is weird, since every other nation seemed to be beefing up their heavy cavalry at the expense of light horse. I guess the Russians did not have much light cavalry to begin with.

    Maybe their hussar regiments were hit especially hard in 1812? And your thinking about the cossacks, that they were not reliable enough to use for scouting, makes good sense.

  4. Jon, these seem bigger that the Foundry Austrians and Bavarians that I have. They should mix just fine with Perry and even Front Rank.

  5. I was very concerned about size, since most of my Napoleonics are Perry and Front Rank.

    Apparently the Russians were the last Napoleonic line that Foundry manufactured (and that the Perrys sculpted), and for some reason they did them larger.

    They fit in very well with the Perrys.

    However, the French, Austrians, etc. are a bit small...especially their cavalry because the horses are smaller than Perry and tiny compared to Front Rank. I faced this problem recently when I grew restless to own some top-notch French Dragoons in metal. Perry doesn't do them and Front Rank's look a bit odd. My solution was to buy Foundry Dragoons and mount them on Perry Cuirassier horses. ;-)

  6. Very nice figures, great work!

  7. Love your painting. I've been reading your blog and I'm enjoying it greatly. Wish I could watch over your shoulder as you paint. I like the style. Thanks for the work you do on the blog, I know it takes time and I for one appreciate it.

  8. Great stuff, Scott. I do like the Foundry Russian range.

    Best wishes


  9. Thanks, all. It is a treat to paint all these superb figures!