Saturday, April 6, 2013

28mm 1812 Russian High Command

After my Gallic holiday, I returned today to painting Glenn's commission.

Here are the figures for Glenn's army command stand.  These are all Perry figures, based on the painting of Kutuzov and his generals at Borodino.

Here are all the figures.  Kutuzov must, of course, be the central figure.  I imagine he has just noticed Napoleon flanking his fleches.

Here are detailed shots of all the figures.  Please remember that these display much larger than life.

The map stretched out over the drum has the topography of Borodino, and I have indicated the initial troop dispositions.

Taking a break definitely paid off, as I was able to paint these figures in one day.  Tomorrow I will start on the mounted Russian generals.


  1. You are a freakish savant..

    One day?

    Amazing. Beautiful. Incredible.

  2. Fantastic images I have always enjoyed seeing your painting and I can not believe there is only one comments thus far.

  3. Sheesh... I am such a fanboy of your painting, Scott, it is a bit ridiculous:). Great stuff.

    Lord Ashram

  4. I was surprised at only one comment as well... but I had heard from two other guys who had seen the Russian Command and raved about them. So there were quite a few views with no written comments. I think the logic might be that people just run out of superlatives and/ or feel like posting constant praise gets repetitive.
    All I know is that I feel extremely fortunate that I get to own figures painted by Scott. He is a true artist.

  5. Thanks, all. When I post new pictures, the blog gets somewhere between 600 and 800 page views. So even if people aren't commenting, they are looking. I know I do the same on other peoples' blogs. There are just so many ways to say "looks great!"

  6. Very nice work! Looking forward to seeing them in person before you ship them out for redeployment.

    What are you using for color combo on the red turnbacks?

  7. Jon, the base is Delta's Barn Red and the highlight is Vallejo Flat Red.