Friday, June 21, 2013

AWI American Militia

It was a long week of painting, but I managed to finish these 45 American militiamen in just four days.  In many ways, painting AWI militia is very similar to painting ACW Confederates.  You need colors that are close to each other, but recognizably different, and your palette is mostly browns and grays.

No two figures here are painted the same, although you will notice similar schemes on each stick.  I used eight different browns along with eight different highlights, two different grays, buff, off-white, red, and green.  The result is a group of soldiers in few recognizable uniforms, but with a common look.

The AWI commission has reached its halfway point.  I still have 18 Indians,35 British regulars, and 40 Continentals to paint.


  1. Nice work on these. Earthy, but not muddled, if you know what I mean.


  2. Nice work and use of browns and other muted colors, Scott. Not sure what rules they'll eventually be used for, but I see Muskets and Tomahawks as a possibility. Best, Dean

  3. great work and such dedication hats off to you
    Peace James

  4. Great stuff Scott! They all look very nice indeed!

  5. I'm flabbergasted. not only at the speed, the quality of the work, which are both amazing, but at the beauty of the finished product. Scott, you are a great artist at the top of your game.

  6. Great job!

    When I painted mine, I found it the most challenging (after British Regulars) task. Just trying to keep things "random" became a chore.

    You have a nice mix up there - well done!