Saturday, July 27, 2013

28mm AWI British Line Infantry Regiments

Since finishing Glenn's AWI commission at the beginning of the month, I have been busy painting enough British line to host some games myself.  I started by painting 48 Fife & Drum British line infantry with oil washes for skin, trousers, and musket stocks.  Then I painted 60 Old Glory second edition British line, completing my Bunker Hill army.  I finished those 108 figures in 22 days.

33rd Line (Fife & Drum), 24 figures

35th Line (Fife & Drum), 24 figures

38th Line (Old Glory), 18 figures

43rd Line (Old Glory), 18 figures

52nd Line (Old Glory), 20 figures
Giles' excellent post helped with painting these.

63rd Foot (Old Glory), 20 figures
I already had 16 figures painted, and added one base to finish the unit.

The figures are based for British Grenadier!, with 15mm frontage and 20mm depth per figure.  The bases are all Litko.  Flags are GMB.


  1. Beautiful as always. Could you take a comparison photo with one stand from each manufacturer side-by-side? I recall from our earlier Freeman's Farm game that the F&D figures seemed diminutive next to the Perry figures.

    If you had AWI figures from other manufacturers, that would be great too.


  2. Same height but Perry are chunkier. F&S are scuplted to scale rather than to a millimeter height.

  3. Very nice, Scott. The whites stand out very well but still has nice shading