Sunday, October 27, 2013

28mm Union Skirmishers

This weekend I took a little time off from lesson planning and correcting essays.  I had been painting these 38 figures for the past month and thought it was about time to finish them.

The figures are all from Sash and Saber, my favorite line of Civil War troops.  As always, flags are GMB and bases are Litko.  I went with 1" frontage for each skirmisher.


  1. Dear Scott,

    I noticed that your skirmish basing is for a one inch wide base per figure. What is your normal infantry basing for a figure in line? Your cavalry appears to use a one inch wide standard as well. Is that correct? And your commanders - do you use a different frontage or base shape to indicate that a higher level officer is on the field? I'm asking because I am in the last stages of what looks to be a similar type of army building.
    A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon

  2. Jerry, I am using the Guns at Gettysburg basing. I may not use the rules in the end, but I really like the look.

    Close order infantry get based on 15mm frontage and 20mm depth, so my 2x2 bases are 30mm wide and 40mm deep. The dismounted cavalry are on the same bases, just turned sideways, so each man has 20mm frontage and 30mm depth.

    To portray higher commanders, I just use a base with multiple figures.

    I hope to get a game in with these figures someday. I have been working on this project for five years, have close to 1,000 figures painted, and have never played a game with them!

  3. Nice work!

    Scott, didn't we game Belmont with your 28s?

    Good to see you managed a little time at the painting desk.

  4. Beautiful work, great looking figures and paintjob!

  5. Thanks, all!

    Jon, we gamed Belmont with my 15s.

  6. "Jon, we gamed Belmont with my 15s"

    So we did!

  7. We could probably try with with 28s now, though.

  8. Belmont in 28 would be great. I recall that as a Federal officer, I have corrections to make from our first playing to hopefully improve my chance of success.

    Send out invitations when your schedule frees up. My table is currently unoccupied if you prefer gaming in Spokane.

  9. When my schedule frees up, I will. Maybe over Christmas break?

  10. These look great!
    I love Sash and Saber as well.
    As a matter of fact I was just moving the ones that you painted for me yesterday and was admiring them all over again.

  11. Glenn, I was just thinking about that collection yesterday! I think you need some proper Sash and Saber chasseurs.