Friday, November 8, 2013

18mm ACW Blue Moon Zouaves

Here are the latest figures off the painting table, and yes, they did take a long time!

I painted my Blue Moon zouaves as the 146th New York, with their distinctive sky blue dress.

I deliberately painted the sky blue in a lighter color than it was in life.  It's close, but a little brighter to help them jump off the table.

The Blue Moon zouaves come in four poses, and this is just enough variety to keep the unit from looking too disciplined.

Flags are from GMB.  I cut away the telephone pole flag staffs that came on the figures, drilled out the color bearers' hands, and inserted brass wire.

I painted twelve bases, which is a good unit size for Regimental Fire and Fury, representing 480 men.

The 146th New York fought in every one of the Army of the Potomac's battles from Fredericksburg through the end of the war.


  1. Very well done. They look absolutely awesome.

  2. A very lovely regiment indeed sir!

  3. Wonderful work, Scott. These Blue Moons sing!

  4. Wonderful work as always, Scott. The light blue is very attractive. You do mention it took a while to paint them - which is what I've heard - that it takes about as long as painting 15/18mm as 25/28mm. Warm regards, Dean

  5. Stunning paintjob, colors are just great!

  6. Scott - really nice figures, great colours.

    Dean - the thing with the better 15-18mm figures is, that the better ones (AB, Xan, some of Blue Moon etc) are so detailed it seems criminal not to put the effort in after the designer has done so much work. And adding the little details is what is so time consuming and fiddly. But at the end of it you have a great looking unit like Scott has produced that you can enjoy on the table for many years to come.

  7. This unit will add a nice splash of offsetting color to your Union army. Beautiful as always!