Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Giant Commission -- Dutch-Belgian Infantry

Here are the 150 infantrymen of the Netherlands.  I was able to finish these figures in just two weeks.  Painting resources are surprisingly hard to find on these troops.  The broad strokes are plain enough, but many of the smaller details (turnbacks, wings, shoulder straps, sword knots) are tough to nail down.

Dutch Line Infantry

Glenn will have two small battalions of Dutch line infantry.  The flags for all the Netherlands line units are, appropriately, white.

One of the Dutch line bases is a grenadier company.  Some sources showed Dutch grenadiers with a solid red plume, and some showed them with a white plume tipped with red.  All showed them with the shoulder roll.

Some sources showed the Netherlands troops with their own pattern of canteen, colored a mid-grey, but most showed them with British supplied canteens.  That's what I settled on.

Dutch Militia

I've always thought the Dutch militia looked spiffy in their orange facings.  The half sunburst on the shako front also looks impressive. 

This four base unit includes a base of "flanquers," and I was sorely tempted to paint their plumes a solid orange, as one source suggested.  I settled on the more probably solid red.

Dutch Chasseurs

The chasseurs fought pretty well in the 100 Days, probably better than any other Dutch force.  This is easily the most visually striking Netherlands unit.

Painting 79 shoulder rolls was a pain, but they look very imposing.

The skirmishers are in only three poses.  Hopefully I was able to create a good look for them by mixing up pose placement on the stands.

Belgian Line Infantry

The Belgian infantry also look sharp in the Belgic shakos. 

Some sources (Osprey, for example) have white turnbacks on these coats, but red seemed likeliest.

Belgian Militia 

Blue and orange.  Blue and orange.  Reminds me of the hated Boise State.  I need a silver and gold regiment to cleanse my palette.  Maybe I will paint some Brunswickers next.

After Thanksgiving, I will start up the Nassau contingent.


  1. Two weeks? Wow! Impressive!

    These guys are spot-on. You really nailed the details. They look perfect.
    And they are going to make the Waterloo game at Little Wars next April feel exactly right.
    Thanks Scott!

    1. Thanks, Glenn! I hope I can crank out the next group as quickly.

  2. Probably the best online uniform guide for the Waterloo campaign: http://centjours.mont-saint-jean.com/unitesNL.php
    It's in French, but it is not that difficult to figure out what is what.
    And yes, it got information on EVERY unit at Waterloo! And most of the commanders too.

    1. That was my go-to source on the Netherlanders! I'm glad you think highly of it.