Friday, November 9, 2018

6mm Gettysburg Buildings

I have been working on my 6mm buildings from Leven Miniatures, and these three Gettysburg buildings have me very happy with Leven's line!

Probably the most recognizable building at Gettysburg is the Evergreen Cemetery gatehouse.  The model is darned near perfect.

Meade made his headquarters behind Cemetery Hill at the Leister farm.  It is tough from contemporary photographs to see exactly how the fences were situated, and this may not be quite right.  It's close, anyway.

I have probably fought the first day at Gettysburg more than any other scenario.  Something about Buford's delaying action appeals to all gamers, and Gettysburg remains the classic meeting engagement.  Buford made his headquarters in the Lutheran seminary, using the cupola to survey the field.

I have another dozen Civil War buildings to paint.  I also have two Waterloo buildings nearly complete!


  1. Leven are excellent. I've got loads of their items

  2. Awesome scale effect on all of these. Classic Gettysburg pieces.

    1. Thanks, AJ! I should have some good looking Gettysburg games in my future.

  3. Top work, Scott! Leven make some terrific scenics.

  4. Excellent, Scot. Hard to believe they are 6 mm!