Tuesday, May 28, 2019

40mm Commission -- Marching Union Infantry

Today I finished painting 100 Union infantry marching.  These figures took much longer than I had thought they would.  Assembly and priming took quite a lot of work, and the painting itself was much more demanding than with 28mm, but the end result is pretty spectacular.  

My patron wanted very light uniforms for his gaming table, and he also wanted a mix of shades.  Hopefully these satisfy on both counts!

Tonight I will start in on the command figures as well as firing line and advancing troops.


  1. "The Customer is always right" and all that, but.. those bluecoats WAY too light, especially for big 40 mm figures... and I definitely do my own 28 mm French, etc in lighter blue than they actually worse, but no where near that light. To each their own, of course... especially when they're paying! Super paint jobs otherwise!

    1. Well, his gaming space is not lit very well, so these should at least look blue on his table! I think they look pretty good like this on MY table. Up close they are too blue, but from 18" or more, they look just right.