Saturday, April 11, 2020

20mm Wayne's Legion: Mounted Troops

Progress continues on my commission! This group of mounted figures completes the US forces.

US Dragoons

The dragoons look awfully sharp with their black leather straps. I could not find any sources for them carrying colors, so I made their standard a plain blue guidon.

US Mounted Officers

That's General Wayne himself in the buff facings. I love the look of these sculpts. Nothing overly heroic here, just commanders intent on the action.

Mounted Frontier Militia

I think these ragged frontier types, both foot and mounted, are my favorite figures in the range. I hope that by varying the colors I have done them justice!

I now move on to 144 Indian warriors. I have no idea how long that will take. Wish me luck!


  1. Nicely done Scott! I’m paricularly impressed by the wide variety of browns on the frontier militia.

  2. Great stuff. "mad" Anthony Wayne and the Legion of the United States is one of the odder chapters in the early history of the Republic!

  3. I love the toy soldier style,well I was brought up during the hay day of it in the 1950`s-1960`s. I used to paint Napoleonics in those bright shiny colours too.Members on a Forum used to say " Far too shinny!" I replied ,'I paint toy soldiers, Where as you paint model soldiers.' Anyway it was Great Seeing your style of painting. BB