Tuesday, August 18, 2020

15mm Napoleonic Brunswick Artillery

Back when I was painting Glenn's giant Napoleonic commission, a reader let me know that Campaign Game Miniatures made purpose-sculpted Brunswicker artillery men of both the foot and horse variety.

Years later, I was able to put some paint on these and base them. Two batteries of Brunswick artillery is all any gamer is likely to ever need, which is a shame, because these figures look great and were super easy to paint.



  1. Your Brunswickers look good, Scott! I have some CGM Brunswickers too that have languished in the pile for many years. Maybe, I will paint mine one day?

    1. I'm having trouble staying motivated to paint for myself right now. Maybe we should schedule a Waterloo game a few months down the road. It would give us some incentive!

    2. I have plenty of motivation to paint but I have had no pressing need to paint Brunswickers! Planning Waterloo in the future sounds good. Do you already have most of the OBs painted for W.?

    3. I have huge gaps for Waterloo. It would be a nice project.