Tuesday, August 25, 2020

A Few GIs

A close friend visited me about a month ago, with his two teenage boys in tow. They are avid Dungeons and Dragons players who wanted to try their hands at painting miniatures. I was, of course, happy to help out! While they painted their mages and fighters, I worked on some 28mm WWII Americans from Black Tree Designs.


As always, the Black Tree figures painted up very easily. A brush application of Minwax Polyshades created some instant shading. This was a fun little side project.


  1. Honestly, some of the best work is in the basing!

    1. Good basing really spruces up mediocre paint jobs. :-)

  2. Some periods just beg for a wash and WWII is one of them. These look great. I have a Boer army waiting my attention and I'm thinking of exploring with the client using washes - all those browns!