Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The Process Part Five: Block Painting

Block painting my basic colors is always the most time consuming part of the process. Everything has to be neat and tidy, so I take my time here and do it right.

Delta Ceramcoat Ginger Spice for faces and ears

DecoArt Prussian Blue for coats

Delta Ceramcoat Antique Gold for Voltiguer collars

Delta Ceramcoat Brown Iron Oxide for scabbards, facings, and turnbacks

DecoArt Lamp Black for sabriques and shakos

Delta Ceramcoat Brown Iron Oxide for shako crest and chin scales

DecoArt Zinc for overcoats

Vallejo Oily Steel for musket bands, locks, and barrels

Delta Ceramcoat Autumn Brown for musket stocks

Delta Ceramcoat Mudstone for straps, lapels, breeches, shako cords

Delta Ceramcoat Ginger Spice for hands

Delta Ceramcoat Dark foliage green for shoulder straps and epaulettes

DecoArt Lamp Black for gaiters and shoes

All 468 figures ready for highlights


Tomorrow I will start in on the detail painting and highlights.

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