Friday, October 22, 2021

28mm Back of Beyond

In the absence of my regular gaming group, my kids and I have been gaming together. We are painting figures for a pulp campaign, long on story and short on tactics.

My daughters and I have fielded these eight adventurers from Copplestone Castings. They block painted and applied Minwax Polyshades "Tudor."

 I see some colorful escapades in our future!


  1. Perfect for some colorful escapades. We will return to gaming soon. My schedule has been booked up of late. I expect changes as the weather chills.

  2. Great looking figures - I am in the midst of a Pulp Project myself and have all the female figures shown here (although I had that particular group quite some time ago and they have featured in a few traditional Colonial games) Copplestone really are very attractive sculpts! Nice to be able to interest you kids in the hobby - mine never showed any inclination - my son came to a small show we had in Auckland when he was about twelve and rolled some dice but he wasnt grabbed by the spirit, so to speak!

    1. I think I have the girls hooked! My son likes to game, but he prefers sci-fi.