Saturday, August 30, 2008

August Painting Totals

It was a good month, as I whipped through a few different 28mm projects and added to my 15mm French Napoleonics. This was my August painting:

15mm Napoleonic French, 96 line infantrymen
28mm Carthaginians, 30 spearmen
28mm Gauls, 18 naked warriors
28mm Marian Romans, 72 legionaries

I really need to come up with some sort of scale equivalency calculator. Last month I was very disappointed to only finish 216 figures. This month I feel like 216 figures was a huge accomplishment. Mostly, I think, that's because all my figures this month required a huge amount of detail work. When I painted the 72 Marian legionaries, for example, I also painted 81 shields. Each one of those shields took as long to paint as one 15mm figure. Each Roman without his shield took about as long as three 15mm figures. Each Carthaginian, with personal designs on armor and shield, took about as long as five 15mm figures.

Maybe I should try something like professional painting services use, only instead of shifting prices, I'll use "Scott Painting Points" (SPPs). I'll take the basic 15mm figure as my starting point, something like ACW infantry with a block paint job, and adjust from there.

1 basic 15mm figure = 1 SPP
1 advanced 15mm figure = 1.5SPPs
1 basic 10mm figure = 0.5 SPPs
1 basic 28mm figure = 3SPPs
1 advanced 28mm figure = 4SPPs
1 basic 28mm shield = 0.5 SPPs
1 advanced 28mm shield = 1 SPP

So last month I finished 100 10mm ACW Confederates for 50 SPPs, 92 28mm ACW Federals (pretty much the definition of a "basic" figure) for 276 SPPs, and 24 15mm French Napoleonics (definitely "advanced" 15mm) for 36 SPPs. That gave me a total of 362 SPPs.

Now for this month. I count the Gauls and Romans as basic 28s and the Carthaginians as advanced. That gets me 390 SPPs for the men. The Gallic shields were pretty basic, but the Roman and Carthaginian shield were advanced. That's another 120 SPPs. The French Napoleonics count as advanced 15mm, so they net me another 144 SPPs.

All told, I painted 654 SPPs worth of figures this month, compared to 362 SPPs last month. Those numbers reflect my production much more accurately than mere figure count.


  1. You rock, Scott. I'm lucky if I get as much out in a year as you do in a month.

  2. Hey, David, I really enjoy your blog! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Seriously, the speed of your painting is incredible. I am not sure I have painted 32 figures in the last two months!