Monday, August 25, 2008

Flames of War Army for Sale!

UPDATED: SOLD! (But feel free to enjoy the pictures.)

I'm selling my Flames of War mid-war German grenadier company with support. This is the army that Battlefront sold as a box set for their Stalingrad supplement. I'm also including a pack of Battlefront German snipers which I painted for this army. The unpainted figures sold for $162.

The company includes:
1 Command Group with CiC, 2iC, and spotter
2 rifle platoons with 2 platoon leaders, 2 50mm mortar teams, and 16 rifle sections
1 heavy machinegun platoon with 1 platoon leader and 4 MG-34 teams
1 medium mortar platoon with 1 platoon leader, 1 spotter, and 4 81mm mortar teams
1 infantry gun section with 1 section leader and 75mm infantry gun teams
1 antitank gun section with 1 section leader, 2 50mm antitank gun teams, and three transport vehicles
1 sniper platoon with 3 sniper teams and "Major Konig"
1 assault gun section with 2 StuG IIIFs and 2 bailed out markers
1 assault gun section with 2 SiG 133s and 2 bailed out markers

This army includes 7 painted vehicles, 4 painted guns, 4 painted heavy machineguns, 4 painted medium mortars, and 167 painted figures. All figures are mounted on well flocked FOW bases.

The storage container, buildings, and terrain mat are pictured for reference only and are NOT for sale.

Click on any of the pictures below to get larger images. I tried to get good pictures that showed the quality of the paint jobs. If you would like to see anything in more detail, please email me and I'll snap some more pictures.

The whole army packed for storage

German armor: 2 StuG III Fs and 2 SiG 133s

Bail-out markers mounted on pennies

Close-up of command SiG 133

Another close-up of command SiG 133

SiG 133

Top view of both SiG 133s showing the extra stowage

Front view of both SiG 133s

Another close-up of the SiG 133s

Detail of SiG 133


StuG IIIF command

Top view of both StuG IIIFs showing stowage

Front view of both StuG IIIFs

Detail of StuG IIIF

Detail of command StuG IIIF

Soft transport for the AT gun section

Close-up of commander's car

Close-up of gun towing cars

Another close-up

Attached guns include a 75mm infantry gun section and a 50mm AT gun section, each with command stands

75mm infantry guns

50mm AT guns

Close-up of 75mm gun command team with scratch-built radio

Company command includes 1 CiC, 1 2iC, and one spotter for the 75mm guns

Company commander

Second in command

Mortar platoon includes four mortar teams, a spotting team, and a command stand (not pictured)

Mortar team

Spotter with scratch built radio

Rear view of mortar platoon

Machine gun platoon includes four MG34 teams and a command stand

Close-up of command and MG team

Close-up of MG-34 team

Both rifle platoons

Each platoon has one command stand, 8 rifle section stands, and one 50mm mortar team

Second platoon

Close-up of riflemen

Close-up of 50mm mortars

A rifle squad

Rear view of rifle squad


Close-up of snipers

German sniper--"Major Konig"

German sniper--"Major Konig"

I'll be selling these rule books soon, but I can add them on to this army for an additional $60. I'm selling the original rule book, the updated rule book, the supplement for Stalingrad, and the supplement for German armor.


  1. Man, a friend of mine would have bought these in a SECOND. Ugh what a miss.

    Can I ask what they went for?


  2. I sold them for $400. I could probably have sold them for more, but I'm happy with that price.

  3. Holy moly; wish I had seen this, could have gotten you a lot more:(

  4. Your blog is like a candy store. I came for ideas on shield patterns but I saw this and wow! I now want to paint and play FoW! Must resist siren song of another era!