Saturday, April 17, 2010

ACW Commission: CSA rifles, flesh, and socks

It's slow work, but I'm still grinding away on the 160 rebs. I finished the muskets on Thursday, painted all the flesh yesterday, and did both the base color and the drybrushed highlights on socks today. Tonight I'll start on the base coat for the uniforms, which I figure will take two or three days.

The paint job looks a little rough, but it always does at first. Right now I'm just getting the base shades on. The highlighting will make the figures pop.


  1. Looking good .... I love using the popsicle sticks for painting 15mm ... works great

  2. Your definition of 'rough' and mine are quite different. I wouldn't call these 'rough', in fact I think these are looking very nice, particularly the shading on the socks and packs.

  3. Simply amazing how you can paint at such a high rate and quality!


  4. It's amazing how they start to take shape and encouraging to as you see them come to life it makes you want to hit the brushes even more nice job so far.
    Cheers Galpy

  5. Looking GREAT!

    Funny observation:
    This process feels like strip poker...
    First the hats, then the socks, then the shirts, and last the pants... ;-)