Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Starting a Huge ACW Commission

Today I received the figures for my largest commission to date. Glenn is planning on playing an American Civil War variant of the Commands and Colors system, and he has opted to play with 28mm figures. I'll be painting both Union and Confederate for the game.

The total figure count for this commission is 420 foot, 46 mounted, 6 riderless horses, and 18 guns. I figure I'll be lucky to finish within three months. Glenn has granted permission for me to post my progress on the blog, so stay tuned to see these armies grow.


  1. ...settles back, rubs his hands together... going to be good...

    With thanks to you by the way I started my first Confederate regiment in homespun/butter-nut last night, using your last output as a colour guide & inspiration...

  2. I don't check this blog everyday I feel unfulfilled!! Can't wait to see this take shape Scott. Still want to know how you store or display all these armies, although I know this is a commission.

  3. Holy CRAPOLA Batman! That's a huge order. Good news is once you finish this commission you should be able to buy yourself enough figures to keep you busy for close to the balance of the year. You're a brave man to take on such a large job. I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job. I'm jealous of someone who can afford to hire 'the best' for such a large army.

  4. Scott, are those Sash & Saber figures? Looking forward to watching your progress (and jealous of Glenn for having the scratch/sense to pay you for such a large commission).

  5. They're a mixture of Sash & Saber, Crusader Rank and File, Old Glory 2nd Edition, and even a few Perry thrown in for good measure (Generals and Dismounted cavalry).

    For the diversity of lines, they match up surprisingly well. I even have some Foundry that I painted 10 years ago that I'll use as skirmishers.

    The one line that I was NOT able to mix in was Renegade. I purchased several boxed sets on ebay a while back, but they are just way too big to use with other lines, even as seperate units.
    Beautiful figs, but just too big.

    As Scott mentioned, I have written an adaptation of the Command & Colors: Ancients rules for Napoleonics, and Civil War. I've been playing the Napoleonic rules for a bout a year and am chomping at the bit to get some Civil War battles on the table. My blog has pics of each unint in my French and British armies:

  6. I gave Glenn's Napoleonics variant a read through, and it looks like it'll play very well!

  7. GMT games is coming out with Napoleonics C&C Ancients and it is available for pre-order. I love the system and think it is worth a look. I assume the Civil War home brew was made because Battle Cry was too simple?

  8. I designed my home-brew Napoleonic C&C because I loved the system and the GMT game hadn't been announced (they just listed it for pre-order a few months ago). I have the C&C Napoleon on pre-order with GMT, but my rules turned out so well, I'm thinking that I'll stick with 'em. :)

    Battlecry is really waaaay too simplistic and doesn't feel like the Civil War (ranges are too long, cavalry is too effective, the cards are not well balanced. Not to be overly critical as the game was designed to be an entry-level game, but it really doesn't work for historical gaming.

    Just finished my Civil War rules, and I'm sure they need some play testing.

  9. Is it possible to obtain a copy of the C&C Napoleonic adaptation?

  10. Sure. send me your email address and I'll shoot it to you. :)

    I'm at glenn@tropical-games.com