Monday, April 5, 2010

FOG Republican Roman Army: Consul

With a day to kill before I start my next commission, I grabbed some figures that I already had primed, and I painted up my commanding general for my Field of Glory Romans.

The figures are 1st Corps' LRR-06 "Pompey." Although the figures are meant for the Roman civil wars of the mid 1st century BC, I can't see anything that keeps me from using them for the Second Punic War.

The Pompey figure makes a convincing looking tribune, with his lictors on his left and his standard on his right. I was very happy with how the 1st Corps figures painted up.

After emphasizing speed above quality on my Carthaginian spearmen, it was a nice change of pace to relax and lavish some attention on these four figures.


  1. Very nice indeed - I've been wondering how the 1st Corps Pompey would look painted up.


  2. They look great. I can totally understand spending extra time on general figures. They'll usually be the first stand someone picks up to admire!

    Well done as usual.

  3. Nice job - including the base and accompanying figures.

  4. Nice looking stand - I notice it depicts me ;)


  5. looks very fine- you inspire me how to paint the standart bearer for my 1stcorps caesar miniature