Sunday, May 23, 2010

ACW Commission: Confederate Mounted Cavalry

Here's the latest, 16 mounted cavalrymen in butternuts and greys. This will make up four units of four cavalrymen each.

The first batch are Wargames Foundry. The other three are all Sash and Saber. They're all good looking sculpts!

Next I'll move on to Confederate generals, and then the rebel army will be done!

Oh, and I got my replacement natural light bulb for my painting lamp. Not only does it allow me to take clearer pictures, but it really sped up my painting time as well.


  1. Extremely well done!
    They look like they're ready to ride around the Yankee army.

    The variety of colors of pants, jackets, and hats looks spot-on ...which is tricky...some color combinations that I've seen on figures for sale on ebay look off. The figures that you've painted are perfect. Not a clinker in the whole lot.

  2. Very nice, I can't decide if I am more jealous of how nice they are or how fast you got them painted!

  3. Not sure about some of the figure sculpts (the straight legged horses just don't look right), but your painting is absolutely brilliant... love the greys in the horses...

  4. Ditto about the horses - they're wonderfully painted!

    Overall, another great piece of work Scott!


  5. Could be Forrest's boys comin' down th' turnpike. If'n I wus a Bluebelly (an' lucky I ain't) I'd be a skedaddlin' pretty durn quick!

    Great paint job on the horses Scott - nice variety.


  6. the figures look amazing love the variety of uniforms and colours used their new owner will be very pleased i do believe to place these minatures on the battle field


  7. Absolutely fantastic. I know I am very late to the party in looking at these, but I'm deciding how to go about building and painting a couple of small ACW 28mm armies and this is just a great guide to see how its done.