Thursday, May 13, 2010

ACW Commission: Confederate Infantry Finished!

I put the finishing touches on these figures today. It took me five weeks from start to finish, but the end result is pretty good. These guys are dressed in a motley assortment of greys, butternuts, and browns.

I found the Sash and Saber figures still look the best. The Foundry were a little disappointing. They lacked some of the deep relief of other lines, and it was tough to make them pop. The Old Glory second edition were decent, but the faces are a real mixed bag. The Crusader figures were a pleasant surprise. I thought they looked a little uninspired in the bare metal, but they were by far the easiest to paint and look great once painted.

Here are some samples of the completed figures. I apologize for the poor lighting; my natural light bulb blew this week, and I replaced it with a "soft white" bulb that is actually pretty yellow. A new natural light bulb is on its way.

The pictures look small here, but if you click to get the larger images, you'll still see the figures larger than life sized.


  1. Thats' it! - blow the Ospreys etc, I'm using your figures as THE painting reference for Confederates! Seriously good looking figures too, I see what you mean & am becoming increasingly impressed by S&S. Great job as usual, thanks for posting the photos 'natural' light bulb or not, they still look good over the 'net.


  2. Simply spectacular!

    These figures are perfect.
    The details are spot on, and the over-all look of the units feels just right.

    Amazing job Scott. Thank you!

  3. These came out amazing. Your customer will be ecstatic.

  4. Great job as always Scott!

  5. Very nicely done.

    For the closeups of the officers, which manufacturer(s) are those? Those officers are quite striking.


  6. Jon, 1st, 2nd, and 4th rows are all Old Glory second edition. The officer on the 3rd row is Sash and Saber.

  7. Great stuff, Scott; as always I am left a bit jealous!:D

    Can I ask, since you do this as a business... what is the total charge for the commission? Not sure if you share that info, but...

    Anyway, GREAT stuff man... I just adore your crisp, clean, bright painting style... it is a perfect toy soldier painting style!

  8. Jon,

    As I was putting together this project, I had a bit of a challenge building out the two armies so that the units had enough diversity to avoid a cookie cutter look.

    I first looked at Perry, because I'm a HUGE fan, but their ACW line wasn't yet deep enough for me to lean on them for the majority of the figures, so my fall-back was to go to sash and saber. I liked the diversity of the line, so I decided to make them the heart and soul and build around them. (Scott's Civil War project did alot to convince me!)

    Step two was to find other lines that would add more variety while fitting the scale. Perry figures are brilliant, but looked too large when mixed into the same units (I was crushed!).

    So I turned to Crusader and Old Glory 2nd Edition (and even some old Foundry guys I've had laying about from 10 years ago) to fill out my regiments. The scale on these lines was a great fit, and even though the sculpting styles were slightly different, I assumed that once they were painted, this wouldn't be an issue. I think I was right.

    Old Glory 2nd edition figs aren't nearly as well sculpted as Perry's (what are?), but they had a great selection of foot officers so that I could make sure that almost every unit had a unique officer. They have 12 unique confederate foot officers and 12 unique union.
    Their marching and right shoulder shift figs also fit in well with the sash and saber figs in similar poses.

    Here's the link:

  9. Scott,
    Ah, so those three officers are OG2s. Those are really nice looking sculpts.

    Also, nice job on the butternut. What colors are you using? Especially like the result on NCO in Row 3.

    Did you include any S&S Zouaves in your order to Scott? I'd enjoy seeing some of those painted.


  10. Hmm. No NCO is row three that I can see. If it's the guy biting the cartridge, the coat is storm grey base and a highlight of storm grey and quaker grey. The trousers are a base of espresso and a highlight of territorial tan.

  11. Author, I charge $8 per foot figure and $14 per mounted. I sometimes charge a little more if the figures require a more elaborate paint job, and I give some discounts on large commissions.

    But after this current commission is done, I probably won't take any more work for a while. I just do this to fund my hobby, so my wife won't roll her eyes at me every time I make a purchase.

  12. Row 2! It's the blonde in row 2...

  13. Ah, row 2. That jacket is a basecoat of dark burnt umber and a highlight of brown iron oxide.

  14. Jon,

    No Zouaves in this army (at least so far).

    I've always had mixed feelings about zouaves uniforms. They're colorful, yes...but sometimes they look a bit silly (Just my humble opinion). The Sash & saber figs that I could see on their site, fall into this category for me: big pantaloons and red caps with tassles. I like for my figures to look suitably tough, and these uniforms just don't do it for me. ;-)

    This said, there are some zouave uniforms that look pretty cool. Perhaps someday, I'll add a couple units of them for a splash of color.