Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ACW Commission: Confederate Gunners and Dismounted Cavalry

I finished up the latest batch of rebels for my commission this morning. Fresh off the painting bench are 24 gunners, 10 dismounted cavalrymen, and two standing horses.

I was able to make a little better time on this batch by painting like poses on the same stick. The gunners are all Sash and Saber.

The dismounted cavalry are a mix of Sash and Saber and Perry Miniatures. I thought the Perrys looked very nice indeed. I might have to buy some for my own armies!

The primer is drying on my next batch of figures: 16 mounted rebel cavalrymen!


  1. I LOVE Perry figures. They are, to my mind, the best figures in the business!

    These figures look great painted. Perfect job!

  2. These turned out really nice! You can never go wrong with Perry from what I can tell. I know I really like the ones I have in my collections.

  3. They are looking real nice are you happy with your progress so far, I would have to agree with the others about the perry figures they are very nice