Saturday, July 17, 2010

ACW Commission: Mounted Union Cavalry Finished

There are twenty Union cavalrymen here, enough for five units under Glenn's Civil War rules. Most of the figures are Sash and Saber, but there are also four Foundry cavalrymen. The Foundry figures are noticeably larger than Sash and Saber, but as they are in different units, I doubt anyone will notice.

We're definitely nearing the end now. I have ten Union generals and 18 guns left to paint, and then I'll start basing.


  1. Nice, crisp painting as always. I can't really tell the difference in size nor sculpting style much. They would be fine mixed together in the same unit - IMO. Regards, Dean

  2. Great stuff, as always!

    However, I am upset my blog got chopped from your update list! Argh! I depend on that list to see what Giles and the rest are doing, but to be eliminated... breaks my heart:)

    Anyway, great stuff as always Scott!

  3. I don't know how it disappeared, but I have added it back!

  4. These figures are beautiful. Thanks for the extra work involved due to the basecoating disaster.

    I know how someting like that can kill your morale. No one likes to have to re-work soemthing that they've already done.

    Well, these guys turned out great.

    Very excited to have these on the table next month! Already plotting out some orders of battle for Gettysburg using the Command and Colors Civil War Rules.

    Since Union Divisions were smaller than Confederate Divisions for the most part, I've assigned the Union Divisons strengths from 4 - 6 (overstrength units will get 2 extra figures out front. Confederate Divisions almost all have 8 - 10 strength points, so I'm using 2 units per Conf. Division.

  5. These are superb, may I ask what paints you use?