Monday, July 26, 2010

ACW Commission: Union Generals Finished

There are nine generals to command the US forces. The figures are a mixture of Sash and Saber, Foundry, and Perry Miniatures.

Foundry McClellan

Sash and Saber

Sash and Saber

Perry Doubleday

Perry Meade

Foundry Grant

Foundry John Bell Hood

Sash and Saber Confederate

Not too sure on this one: could be Perry.

Over the next week, I'll be painting the 18 guns. Then it's on to basing.


  1. Great job mr. Macphee. I love the union blue, it's executed so well. Your work is one of my biggest insperations. As a 14 year old painter, I look for advice and tips, in every post you have a million of them, I thank you for that! Looking at your work got me wanting to start painting myself and ever since then I have been painting. I hope eventually I can become as good as you. Haha but that will be a ways a way. Please take a look at my blog, I'd appreciate your opinions. Keep it


  2. Hadn't realized that I'd stuck a reb in the mix. :)

    They all look great. Nice work.

  3. Hi Scott. I enjoyed reading this article and the excellent pictures. I'm trying to find new generals and staff to go with my mostly Perry ACW armies. Foundry seems to be a good solution, given they are really Perrys also. Did you swap horses on the Foundry generals above? They look more like new Perry horses or maybe something other than the Foundry's they came with.

    What do think of Foundry cavalry? I dont like the plastic cavalry by Perry and am looking for a solution top that problem also.

    Thanks again.