Sunday, December 26, 2010

ACW Commission: Confederate Casualties

After some holiday related interruptions, I finished painting Glenn's Confederate casualties last night. All the miniatures are from Sash and Saber. I have quite a few of these figures myself, although mine are still bare lead, and I'm glad to see they painted up so well!

I'm planning to use the Guns at Gettysburg rules for my figures, and the rules call for individual figure casualties. I was planning on using square bases with numbers on each side to denote casualties, just as I did for my British Grenadier! Continental army, but I like the look of these round bases so well, I'm thinking of using round bases and stacking blank discs underneath to denote more casualties.


  1. very very nice love the colours and the basing a great edition to any army

  2. Wow. Can't believe you're working over the holiday...but thank you! :)

    These guys are going to be great. The conceit will be that each side will start the battle with the number of their opponent's casualty markers equal to their opponent's Army Morale Break Point. Every unit that is eliminated will be replaced with one of these. Once a player runs out of markers, he wins.
    Meanwhile the battlefield doesn't look empty as units are taken off, and it is apparent where the hard fighting has taken place.