Sunday, April 29, 2012

Eureka WFR French Foot Artillery

I have been building and painting Glenn's elephants, and I forgot how much time they take.  Every step seems to require some fiddly work followed by an hour or two of waiting for things to dry enough to move on to the next step.

In those little forced pauses, I got some work in on some figures of my own.  These are French foot artillery for my Italy 1798 project.  The figures and guns are from Eureka's outstanding range.

Eureka has four poses for "French Foot Artilery, Firing," and the figures are beauties.  All the detail one could wish is there, and the poses are natural and attractive.

I usually use Sash and Saber's guns for my 28mm Napoleonics, as they are the best looking guns I have found.  These Eureka guns are their equal, and that is high praise.

This was a nice little diversion from ancients, but now it's back to elephants!  I should have some pictures of them soon.


  1. Love these.

    Great figures. Great painting.

  2. Beautiful work. Love the Eureka range. Best, Dean

  3. Scott looks fantatistic - I have some Victrix french in bicorn. Whats the schedule on your 1798 Italy Campaign and how big are your units?

  4. VolleyFireWargames, this is a long term project, but at my current pace I think I can get a game going in a year or two. I'm building infantry units of 24 men each, cavalry units of 12 men each, and batteries of 2 guns with 8 crew. I hope to field 6 battalions of infantry, 2 regiments of cavalry, and 2 batteries of artillery for each side by 2014.

  5. Fantastic painting Scott I love the Eureka range