Sunday, August 5, 2012

French Legere Voltiguers

I am back to painting for myself, and it feels good.  I grabbed the nearest primed figures from my workbench, a set of nine French skirmishers in 28mm that I primed four years ago for Jon's Maida game and never got around to painting.

After concentrating on quality for nine months, I opted for speed for this batch.  I painted these nine figures in just under 90 minutes, which is a pretty good pace.  Some of the finer painting is a little sloppy, but these will look great on the table.

All figures are Front Rank.

Delta Ceramcoat occasionally stops production of some of my favorite colors.  For years I have used "Manganese Blue" as my shade tone for French and ACW Union uniforms, but Delta stopped making it.  I switched to "Prussian Blue" for this batch, and I think it works well.

I tried out a new flesh shade tone, Delta's "Ginger Spice," and I like it.  Their "Dark Flesh" is still my go-to color for flesh shade, but it doesn't give quite enough contrast with "Medium Flesh" all by itself.  I end up applying a straight "Fleshtone" highlight to increase the contrast, but I did not want to use three different flesh colors on these figures.  "Ginger Spice" and "Medium Flesh" work very well together.


  1. Geesh! Your "sloppy" miniatures are still incredibly nice!

    One day, when I'm a rich man, I'll ask you to paint some for me!!

  2. Incroyable!

    I was going to second Greg's idea and then I realized it would be better if I paid to learn some of your painter-fu!