Thursday, August 30, 2012

Commands and Colors Tabletop Game

When Glenn came to town to pick up the armies, we were able to get in a game of Commands and Colors Ancients on the tabletop.

Glenn and Jon commanded the Carthagininas.  Matt (one of my school gaming club members) and I took the Romans.

Here were the initial dispositions.

Roman Left

Roman Center

Roman Right

Carthaginian Right

Carthaginian Center

Carthaginian Left -- Light Troops Galore!

Opening Moves

All the Roman cards were for the right, so we pushed our infantry forward.  Glenn and Jon had lots of light troop specific cards, so they were able to use their lighter forces to good effect.

Jon threw his Numidian cavalry around our flank, and the Romans began to lose units.

With the Roman light troops nearly wiped out, the hastati and principes moved forward to engage,

The Carthaginian light troops were able to evade and then return to the fight.  As we both ran out of cards for this sector, the fighting died down, but Carthage had caused much more damage than she had suffered.

The Romans next tried the other flank, but our cavalry was soundly trounced by the Gallic horse.  Our medium infantry could not make much progress.

The center saw a clash of heavy troops, as Carthaginian spearmen and elephants met medium and heavy Roman infantry.

The Carthaginian center finally broke under the pressure, and Roman units fanned out to the flanks.

 The table at the end of the game reflected the both the confusion of the battle and its seperation into three distinct fights.  Rome squeaked out a victory by one flag.


  1. What a great way to play C & C. I only "discovered" this game in the last year and love that it forces you to husband your forces. The boardgame does not look nearly as lovely as your match!

  2. Congratulations on such a beautiful pair of 28 mm armies for C&C. I am humbly following your lead only in more modest 1/72. Please show more battles.

    Gran Capitan

  3. Great fun!
    Thanks again for hosting.
    I hope to post some new battles on my blog quite soon.