Saturday, November 10, 2012

18mm Blue Moon Napoleonic French Elite Companies

Here are the last set of figures for my Blue Moon French infantry.  These are all from pack 125NFT-210 "Flank Company Campaign Dress March Attack."

I painted twelve stands as grenadiers and twelve as voltiguers.

Once Old Glory releases the voltiguers skirmishing, I'll paint up a pack or two to add to these six battalions.  I'm also looking forward to Blue Moon's casualties.


  1. Looking good. I like the variation in the trousers.

  2. Not my scale, but they look at least as good as my 28's! :-)


  3. As always very nice work Scott. I do like these Blue Moon figures and the cost value is undeniably good. Like you mentioned before AB are the best, but they also cost considerably more so Blue Moon are a very attractive alternative being both a quality product and cost efficient.

    I quick question if you don't mind. What colour do you use as an undercoat for your 15mm figures?