Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blue Moon 18mm Napoleonic French Infantry Command

These are the command stands for those 30 stands of French infantry I finished last month.  All figures are from Blue Moon 15NFT-100 "Line Command Full Dress" except for the figure waving a shako on his bayonet, who is from AB.  I wanted to show that gamers can easily mix the two lines within units.

The flags are all GMB, three battalions each from the 21st and 12th Line.  I removed the oversized flag staffs from the figures, drilled out hands with a pin vise, and used piano wire.  I kept three eagles, but since each regiment was only supposed to have one eagle, I probably should only have kept two.

The figures pained up very well, and they should look great on the table.


  1. Being a bluemoon fan- and I carry them in the UK. These are cracking.

  2. Great job Scott. Working on some BM Austrians now. Your right, great figures jist like the telephone pole for the staff.