Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Painting Summary, 2013 Painting Goals


I spent the first seven months of the year painting that huge Punic Wars commission, then returned to my teaching career two weeks later.  Figure in that I have a four year old and a one year old, and it shouldn't surprise anyone that I do not get much time to paint.

Still, I am happy with how much I did get done this year.  Here are the totals by category.

28mm Foot: 679
434 of those were for Glenn's Carthaginian and Roman armies.  The remaining 235 were for me.  My total includes 68 of Eureka's Wars of the French Revolution range, 168 Old Glory American Revolution figures, and 9 Front Rank Napoleonic French legere skirmishers.

28mm Mounted: 94
Again, the bulk (79) were for Glenn's armies.  Another 12 were figures I painted in trade for a board game.  I only painted three large mounted figures for myself this year, all from Eureka's Wars of the French Revolution.

28mm Elephants: 4
All four were for Glenn's Carthaginians.  I think I already have all the elephants I need.  I have three.

28mm Guns: 4
These were all for me: two French Napoleonic eight pounders from Eureka and two American six pounders from Old Glory.

15mm Foot: 540
I painted an entire Field of Glory Macedonian army, all of Old Glory figures.  There were 152 foot figures in that army.  I spent much of the Fall painting Blue Moon Napoleonic figures, including 192 French and 74 Austrians.  I tried Blue Moon's Romans, painting 32 of them.  Finally I painted 90 Blue Moon Union infantry.

15mm Mounted: 68
I painted 12 AB French cuirassiers while taking a little break from Glenn's elephants.  That Macedonian army contained 38 horse.  I also painted 18 Union cavalry from Old Glory.

So in raw numbers, I painted 1389 castings this year.  On his Palouse Wargaming Journal, my buddy Jon links to Analogue Hobbies' scoring system.  Under that system, I painted 3395 points worth of 28mm foot, 940 points worth of 28mm mounted; 60 points of 28mm vehicle (I assume elephants count as vehicles); 40 points of 28mm guns; 1080 points of 15mm foot; and 272 points of 15mm mounted, for a total of 5787 points.


Traditionally, I spend some time at the turn of the calendar setting goals for the coming year.  This is convenient for me, as it gives me something to ignore for the next twelve months.  Well, tradition is tradition, so here goes.

1.  Add British and American regiments to my American Revolution armies

I have a few regiments of Fife and Drum and Old Glory Second Edition ready to prime.  These figures will give me enough British and Continentals to game any small or mid sized scenario.  I love the history of the period, so this should be a natural period for me to game, but I think I have only played two Revolutionary War wargames in my life.  That must change!

2.  Add 15mm Napoleonics

Blue Moon is cranking out beautiful figures that are sturdy enough for wargaming.  I have enough British and French to keep me busy for a while.  I have over 100 artillery limbers in the lead pile.  I also have a few hundred AB figures, mostly French, but including some British, Austrians, and Poles.

3.  Add to my French Revolutionary Wars armies

I find that I have to address this project in spurts, because I just cannot afford to buy all the Eureka figures I want all at once!  I have some good reading material on the period that should help inspire me.

4.  Finish some 15mm ancients armies

I have enough 28mm ancients to keep me gaming for years.  I still have not found that perfect rules set, but I know I would like to game larger actions in 15mm.  I have a good sized Macedonian army done.  Now I will add Greeks and Persians.  I may tackle some armies for Caesar's Gallic wars.  The nice thing about 15mm ancients gaming is that all the rules sets use the same basing.  By building the armies first, I can start trying out some different rules.

5.  Add to my 15mm ACW armies

This is my lowest priority, because I already have thousands of painted figures.  Still, I always seem to need something new for specific scenarios.  I will continue to work on a few more units this year.


  1. "This is convenient for me, as it gives me something to ignore for the next twelve months."


  2. Once again, another outstanding year for you!

    We should plan a 28mm AWI game in 2012. I'm touching up Austin's British and will field a few more British battalions. With your Americans and my Germans, we should be able to muster enough figures for a good-sized game.

  3. Persian 15mm Ancients sounds quite interesting. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.