Monday, May 20, 2013

Front Rank Austrian (German) Grenadiers

I have had these figures nearly finished for months now.  This weekend, while I was waiting for primed figures to dry, I applied the last few colors, then based these.  All figures are Front Rank.  The flag is GMB.  Bases are Litko 20mm squares.  I plan to use these figures for some Sharp Practice scenarios.

Usually I use Testor's "Gold" enamel paint.  It looks like real metal, mostly because its pigment is real metal.  But I dislike the fumes from enamels, the way enamels destroy brush points, and keeping separate brushes for enamels and acrylics.  

I tried a new gold paint on these figures.  Blog reader Roger Dospil emailed me a couple of months ago and recommended Vallejo's "Old Gold."  I had tried Vallejo's "Gold," but found it much too yellow for my taste.  "Old Gold" has a much mellower tone that works well.  The paint is a little tacky for my taste.  I do not feel like I have good brush control with it.  Still, enamels tend to be more liquid than I like, so maybe no metallic paint will make me completely happy.  "Old Gold" will be my main gold paint for a while.


  1. Greate looking minis !!!

    Best regards Michael

  2. You have a great painting style..beautiful work

  3. These Austrian grenadiers are really impressive, a great painting job for a great unit!!