Sunday, May 12, 2013

28mm 1812 Russian Grenadiers

Glenn is fielding six units of grenadiers for his army.  The first two units are Perry Miniatures (with Foundry officers), and the other four are Wargames Foundry.  The tall plumed grenadiers help give the Russian army its distinctive look.

I finished painting the Jaeger today and am starting on casualties tonight.  That will just leave the artillery and its crew.  This army is nearly done!


  1. Smart looking batch of Russians. I especially like seeing the Perry's in gaiter-trousers.

  2. The Perry figures really are exceptional. I love their poses: They look very animated.

    The painting is spot-on as usual. Very accurate and sharp.

  3. Thanks, fellows. I'll have the Jaeger on the site tomorrow.